About Us


Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association will own an advanced agriculture resource centre of excellence.


Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association facilitate the transfer of unbiased information between research institutions, industry, and agriculture producers. 

Established in 1986 to address local agricultural issues.
SARDA is a non-profit organization directed by producers from the Municipal Districts of Smoky River, Big Lakes, Greenview and Northern Sunrise County.

SARDA is committed to a long-term program with the following objectives:

  • To achieve sustainable agriculture production and profit for producers
  • To stimulate and conduct applied research and demonstration to provide a basis for recommendations and a transfer of information and technology between research institutions, industry and local producers
  • To distribute information through publications of annual reports, newsletters, newspaper articles, Tradeshows, seminars, demonstrations and other available mediums
  • To be aware of the changing needs of producers in our community and to adjust our programs and mandate accordingly
  • To promote diversification into other agriculture sectors (livestock production, horticulture, and value added)
  • To provide an opportunity for other organizations to plan and conduct applied research, demonstrations and extension activities in the area.

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