Tree Pruning

Trees Damaged by the Snow?

With the recent heavy snow in areas of the Peace Region, many trees were damaged and limbs broken.  To protect the trees from disease and insects, pruning is needed. 

Toso Bozic with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is an expert in tree care.  He kindly provided the following presentation on pruning and encourages anyone to call him if they have questions.  His contact information follows the slides.

In addition, please follow the links provided for more information.

Tree Pruning Tips—$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/apa15391

Why Prune—


Pruning 2

Pruning 3Pruning 4

Pruning 5

Pruning 6

Pruning 7

Pruning 8

Pruning 10

Pruning 11

Pruning 12

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Pruning 14

Pruning 15

Pruning 16

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