Regional Variety Testing Trials 2016, Peace Region

RTV2016Regional testing of ten crop varieties were conducted to provide producers with information on the agronomic performance of varieties under two agroclimatic conditions of south Peace region. The trials were located at south of Donnelly (NE8-77-20-W5) and south east of Valleyview (SE11-69-20-W5).

Nasima Junejo, SARDA researcher, has prepared a report with the results of this years' trials.  The report includes tables and graphs showing agronomic practices applied, climatic conditions, yields, statistical relevance and relative yield compared to a check for each variety in the trials. The crops included in the trials were yellow peas, green peas, barley, oats, spring red wheat (CPSR), soft white spring wheat (CWSWS), hard white spring wheat (CWHWS), red spring wheat (CWRS), canola and flax.  To view the full report, Click Here or click on the image.

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